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Tradition merges with modernity, age-old woodworking techniques are combined with innovative materials, every project has its own spirit.

The carpentry has earned itself a reputation for professionalism and, as a result, has been commissioned to design and produce custom furniture and furnishings, windows and doors also for foreign clients, as well as constructing shops for the contract sector and creating bespoke pieces of furniture.

wooden modern kitchen hermannwood1976
rustic handcrafted kitchen hermannwood1976 3
rustic handcrafted kitchen hermannwood1976 2
rustic handcrafted kitchen hermannwood1976 11
rustic handcrafted kitchen hermannwood1976 10
rustic handcrafted kitchen hermannwood1976 1
rustic furnishings wih mezzanine hermannwood1976 2
rustic furnishings Alto Adige hermannwood1976 8
rustic furnishings Alto Adige hermannwood1976 4
rustic bathroom in old wood hermannwood976
relax-area hermannwood1976
mountain rustic badroom hermannwood
mountain furnishings hermannwood1976
main entrance old wood hermannwood1976
rustic handcrafted kitchen hermannwood1976 4
handcrafted rustic basin hermannwood1976
handcrafted decoration hermannwood1976
handcrafted bedroom hermannwood1976 4
handcrafted bedroom hermannwood1976 3
handcrafted bedroom hermannwood1976 2
handcrafted bedroom hermannwood1976 1
handcrafted bedroom hermannwood1976
handcrafted bathroom furniture hermannwood1976 3
handcrafted bathroom furniture hermannwood1976 2
handcrafted bathroom furniture hermannwood1976 1
hand-painted door hermannwood1976
door with hand-made paintings hermannwood1976
door in antiqued wood hermannwood1976
handcrafted furnishings old hermann wood
decorated wood hermannwood1976
rustic handcrafted kitchen hermannwood1976 5
rustic handcrafted kitchen hermannwood1976 7
wooden handcrafted living-room hermannwood1976 2
wooden handcrafted living-room hermannwood1976
wooden handcrafted bedroom hermannwood1976.jpg 5
wooden handcrafted bedroom hermannwood1976.jpg 4
wooden handcrafted bedroom hermannwood1976.jpg 1
wooden handcrafted bedroom hermannwood1976
wooden ceiling hermannwood1976
wooden bathroom furniture hermannwood1976
wooden bathroom furnishings hermannwood1976
wooden  ceiling hermannwood1976-da-cancellare
wood jacuzzi-area hermannwood1976
wood exteriors hermannwood1976
stairway wood and steel hermannwood1976
rustic handcrafted kitchen hermannwood1976 6
rustic stairway hermannwood1976
rustic handcrafted table hermannwood1976 2
rustic handcrafted table hermannwood1976 1
rustic handcrafted table hermannwood1976
rustic handcrafted living-room hermannwood1976 8
rustic handcrafted living-room hermannwood1976 7
rustic handcrafted living-room hermannwood1976 6
rustic handcrafted living-room hermannwood1976 4
rustic handcrafted living-room hermannwood1976 2
rustic handcrafted living-room hermannwood1976 1
rustic handcrafted living-room hermannwood1976
rustic handcrafted kitchen hermannwood1976 9
rustic handcrafted kitchen hermannwood1976 8
rustic schelf hermannwood1976
Mountain exteriors hermannwood1976